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Guía visual para “comprar o no comprar Kinect”

Como ya os comentamos en la anterior noticia, ya tenemos Kinect en SinFanBoys, y la verdad que las impresiones son MUY buenas, durante esta semana dedicaré un post a todas sus virtudes y defectos. Por el momento queremos ayudaros a los indecisos con un “MAPA” que os ayudará en vuestra decisión de si comprar o no Kinect.


Click sobre la imagen para agrandarla

Mapa visual para ayudar a saber si comprar o no kinect

7 comentario en “Guía visual para “comprar o no comprar Kinect””

  1. JAJAJAJAJA Super efectiva la guia

  2. Dios, es la mejor guía sobre Kinect evah!!

  3. ¡Ósom!

  4. I have been a loyal custumer of Nintindo for many many years. I look forrawd to the new console the Wii 2 I gladly wait in line the day their released like I did for the first Wii, the Wii has drovided many years of trouble free fun for my children and a way for me to exercise. You may ask why the Wii would help me exercise being most people could get out and jog or walk ect. I am disabled and unable to get out of the house the Wii provides me with a way to do low impacked movments that help me exercise at my own pace and its fun at the same time. I look forrawd to hearing more about the Wii 2.

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